Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rekkids of my Youth Part 3

So here we are again, Part 3 of my ongoing rant of rants about records that I grew up with. This time The Shower Scene From Psycho.

A three piece hailing from inner city Melbourne in the early 80s TSSFP brewed up  a whirlwind cacophony of psyched out cover songs and originals. A post-punk tribute to the saccharin overdose of  sugary pop songs of yesteryear pasted together with  tape sampling and home made "tricked out"  children's toys.

Totally fucking cool right?

But the first thing to  grab your attention was the singers voice. WTF? It wasn't uncommon for anyone having not seen them (this blogger included) to exclaim "Who is that girl and how does she sing like that?"

Although it wasn't a girl. It was a guy. Singer Simon Grounds. An insane vocal chameleon who really captured that bubblegum pop sound with  his incredible falsetto.

Here is a clip of their cover to Georgy Girl.  A total winner of a track.

What did I say about that voice right? Amazing.

This was another fave played on my friend Sean's radio show and in the late 90's having moved to Melbourne from Adelaide I found a copy of their EP Exploding Hits at (the now defunct) "The Last Record Store" on Smith Street for $10.

Photo from website Fitzroyalty

There's very little else about them on the web. There's an extensive interview over on Mess and Noise, and a handful of youtube clips.

They're a beautiful and unique gem on the Australian musical landscape and I'm glad I was able to snap them  up when I did . Finally if you want to hear one of TSSFP's crowning achievements then click on over to Grooveshark and listen to their glorious track  The Monster from Exploding Hits.

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