Friday, July 5, 2013

S.P.A.T. Sound Preservation Association of Tasmania

The other day I went to visit the Sound Preservation Society of Tasmania or as its colloquially known SPAT.

Wow!! What a freaking amazing place!! What an amazing awesome place. Tucked away in the old Bellerive  post office in Bellerive (Tasmania Australia to all you overseas peeps) it is the most awesome little secret. A total goggle-eyed slice of retro-tech-porn. If you love old gramophones, old radios, old turntables, old wax cylinders then you'll find something to love in every square foot of the place.

In 1985 SPAT  was formed and through a combination of  donated  equipment and the aquiring  of private collections had,  by February  of 1986,  collected over hundreds of old radios and sound equipment. It now boasts a collection of some of the oldest and rarest pieces of vintage audio  and over 70,000 records  (12"s and 45's). Thats right..... OVER  70,000 LPs and 45's!!

The Amazing Sound Library
Usually kept under lock and key,  on this particular day we were granted access to this amazing treasure trove of LPs and Edison Cylinders and 7" singles
Nicolas Dewey -SPAT's social media maverick and fellow vinyl geek-o-naut on the day.

Some of the best finds in the archive. All 4  KISS-The Solo Albums  Not the most rarest find but always impressive to see a full set

also the rarer Best of the Solo Albums
For the most part it has been run by a devoted group of senior citizens but has recently had a boost of young enthusiasm as Hobart's young freaks and geeks have discovered its hidden cache of vintage marvels. With the help of young DJ  Nicolas Dewey and Sebrina Brennan, SPAT president Lindsay McCarthy was able to set up a facebook page and the growth of the page has exceeded over 100 "likes"  in its first month. Check it out here.

Beautiful Edison Cylinder Player
Studer Reel To Reel
Portable Vinyl Cutter

Rondex Vinyl Cutter
His Master's Voice Gramophones

Broadcast turntable donated from the ABC. Note the second tone arm fitted with "Dust Bug" which cleans the groove before it passes under the stylus

It is truly a wondrous place and is always in need of donations. They are hoping to apply for Heritage Listing and a grant to move to a much bigger premises (what they have on site is only a fraction of what is in President Lindsay's shed at his home.)

They have a website here with more information about how to contact and how to donate. If you're from the mainland or visiting from overseas The Sound Preservation Association of Tasmania is a must see for lovers of Vintage Technology and Retro sounds. I can't recommend it enough.

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