Monday, February 10, 2014

A Round Up of Posts- 5 Tasty Morsels of Vinyl News

Sorry everyone. I've been way busy lately and I've been transcribing  a lengthy interview with local Boombox collector LED Meter which is taking up a bit of time so a new entry in the blog has been a long time coming. IN the meantime to say g'day and illustrate I haven't fallen off the radar permanently, here's a quick gaggle of interesting posts which I thought other pencilnecks might dig.

First up is a link to a great extract from an essay by Kevin M Moist "Record Collecting As Cultural Anthropology."

A really cool article that puts a valid academic spin on the licorice pizza obsession.  Read it here.

Second here is a gorgeous article about a gent who lost his life's collection of vinyl and books in a tragic shipping error and found renewed hope for  humanity when his  friends started helping him to get them back again.

Check it out here.

Next up (and I just love stories like this) a rare 78 was found  about 18 months ago and it was so rare renowned artist and 78 collector Robert Crumb offered to swap  a personalised illustration for it. Father and Son record store owners Jerry and Willie Weber were given exclusive rights to the Crumb Sketch meaning they could use it for anything they choose. T-Shirts, signage, business cards, posters. It is something that could rightly pay for itself many times over. This is not the first time that Crumb has used his collecting/ artistic nous to do trade and the like having reportedly sold a large portion of his private collection of  78s to finance the purchase of his villa in France. Follow the full story here

Fast forward to now and this article blew my mind. AV group Sculpture have released a 7" picture disc that becomes a Zoetrope when viewed under a strobe light. Perfectly cool shit right?

and finally a post about the ongoing steamrolling  upshot in sales for ye olde vinyl, this was posted only 3 days ago and the angle is that vinyl (in tandem with digital files)  will be the physical item de jour in the near future. A fascinating read which instills this current resurgence with even more positivity for the future.

Have a good read here.

Thanks for reading folks. See you around soon.

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