Saturday, May 4, 2013

Melbourne Haul Part One

I went to Melbourne recently and spent waaaaayyyyy to much money, but I'm going to be living pretty tightly over the next few months so I thought I'd have one last vinyl blow out.

I went to one of my all time favourite record stores which is Record Paradise in Brunswick. I used to visit it in St Kilda when it used to be Warren's Record Paradise, run by a grumpy old dude called, you guessed it, Warren. The new premises in Brunswick is gorgeous and even better than the old one and the whole trip there felt good for the soul.

It really is a collectors paradise.

I went to many other stores to get all this booty but Record Paradise was definitely a hi-light of the trip. Other stores included Dixon's Recycled, Greville Records, Round and Round Records , Chapel Street Bazaar and Collectors Corner/Missing Link

So here's part one of my rundown on the loot.

 Rock N Roll High School OST- The Ramones and Various.

I love this record and this film. The film where Adelaide Band "The Exploding White Mice" herald there name. This has some great Ramones classics like "I Want You Around"

A commercial flop at the movies this is the soundtrack to the much maligned horror film. Its not too bad as far as Soundtracks go. Morricone  does a similar juggling act to Jerry Goldsmiths the Omen by playing up the evil Eastern diety type music via chanting, drumming and choral singing in an eastern scale. This is the 
kind of music every post 9-11 terrorist action movie  plays the very moment the  Arabian character steps into view.

 It has this amazing track  Pazuzu's theme which I find very entertaining.


I have been dancing to this track all week. It's awesome. Released in 1981 and the only song this band is really remembered for. It featured in the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on Wave 103

When I was a teenager the promise of any woman saying  "I might like you netter if we slept together" was both frightening and alluring all at the same time. The singer Deborah Iyall is like a proto Beth Otto of the Gossip
Christian Metal-along with Petra it doesn't get any better than this. These have all the staples of any other Hellfire, Satan worshipping, Hoof Stomping Metal Record but all the themes are inverted.
They're so hilariously earnest someone should do a Spinal Tap mockumentary about christian rock like this. (wait on I think I just had an idea)
Also the drummer is an amazing doppleganger for a TJ Hooker era Heather Locklear. What do you think?

THE LAST STARFIGHTER- Original Soundtrack

This was a gorgeous find. This movie had it all and what a slick premise. Those hours "wasted" playing video games were actually an extra-terrestrial recruitment drive to fight an intergalactic war, it seemed to be the best idea going.
Looking back its incredibly cheesy but as a kid I remember thinking it was all so plausible and it tapped into something every kid feels at that age being  plucked from obscurity into  heroic greatness.  This film has some serious cult cajones, you can even download a version of the game here.
anyhoo, thats enough for now. Part Two coming soon folks.

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