Friday, May 3, 2013

Where it All Began.....

This is where it all began. I purchased this album in 1990 in Port Adelaide South Australia. It must've been the Salvation Army or something but i remember I paid $2 for it.

I took it home and fell in love with it. Apart form the usual horror soundtrack staples consisting of sharp bursts of strings (insert cheap scare here), or descending minor diminished scales (something is about to leap out at you), composer Joseph Loduca goes to some incredibly cool and weird places with this score.
Lots of discordant piano and strange tribal rhythms evoke a Cthulu-esque quality. Not to mention the iconic Evil Spirits in the woods whorling sound that greets the listener on side two.

In fact I would often forgo side one and just go  straight to side two,  starting with that gorgeous swirling sound

case in point...

....and that one purchase pretty much got me started on collecting horror soundtracks. Since then i've bought maybe a 100 more. Some of them are now worth quite a bit. Evil Dead sells on eBay for about $350 (near mint of course, mine has been played quite a bit and shows signs of wear. A few pops and crackles.)  I played it all the way through the other day and there are no skips or sticks. A solid fantastical musical score and just a beautiful discovery. Joseph Loduca FTW!

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